Chris Green

MP for Bolton West
Chris Green was first elected at the 2015 General Election. The constituency includes Atherton, Westhoughton, Blackrod, Horwich, Heaton, Lostock and Smithills.

Hilary Fairclough

Bolton Council - Astley Bridge
Mayor of Bolton

Latest Election Result: 2016

Conservative, Hilary Fairclough: 1,891

Labour, Kevin Morris: 1,114

Liberal Democrat, Warren Fox: 912

UKIP, John Toone: 440

Green, Benjamin Deed: 88

John Walsh

Bolton Council - Astley Bridge
Chair of Planning Committee

Latest Election Result: 2018

Conservative, John Walsh: 1,842

Liberal Democrat, Warren Fox: 1,564

Labour, Zulfi Jiva: 930

Paul Wild

Bolton Council - Astley Bridge
Chair of Licensing Committee

Latest Election Result: 2019

Conservative, Paul Wild: 1,732

Liberal Democrat, Warren Fox: 1,417

Labour, Steve Sutton: 597

Independent, Mohammed Tanveer Akhtar: 369

UKIP, Paul Gannon: 283

Mudasir Dean

Bolton Council - Bradshaw

Latest Election Result: 2018

Conservative, Mudasir Dean: 1,949

Labour, Tony Shepherd: 880

Independent, Eric Hyland: 278

Liberal Democrat, Stephen Howarth: 173

Green, Laura Diggle: 135

Stuart Haslam

Bolton Council - Bradshaw
Executive Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

Latest Election Result: 2019

Conservative. Stuart Haslam: 1,888

Labour, Kirith Ahluwalia: 464

Independent, Eric Hyland: 333

UKIP, Chris Marcroft: 329

Liberal Democrat, Stephen Howarth: 200

Green, Laura Diggle: 179

Jacqueline Radcliffe

Bolton Council - Bradshaw

Latest Election Results: 2016

Conservative, Jacqueline Radcliffe: 1,886

Labour, Anthony Shepherd: 924

UKIP, Stephen Thomas: 524

Independent, Eric Hyland: 201

Liberal Democrat, Garry Veevers: 100

Green, Daniel Bolton: 96

Beverley Fletcher

Bolton Council - Breightmet

Latest Election Result: 2019

Conservative, Beverley Fletcher: 1,344

Labour, John Byrne: 1,060

UKIP,Ryan Wood: 627

Green, Trish Bolton:138

Liberal Democrat, Elizabeth Turner: 95

Adele Warren

Bolton Council - Breightmet
Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Service Delivery

Latest Election Result: 2018

Conservative, Adele Warren: 1,549

Labour, Francesca Platt: 1,278

UKIP, Harry Lamb: 242

Green, Dan Bolton: 138

Liberal Democrat, Richard Bates: 61

Samantha Connor

Bolton Council - Bromley Cross

Latest Election Result: 2019

Conservative, Samantha Conner: 2,566

Labour, James Entwistle-Wilkinson: 658

UKIP, William Roger Townshend: 342

Green, Liz Spencer: 296

Liberal Democrat, Matthew Allen: 241