David Greenhalgh

Bolton Council - Bromley Cross
Leader of the Council

Latest Election Result: 2018 (two candidates)

Conservative, David Greenhalgh: 2,928

Conservative, Nadim Muslim: 2,257

Labour, Steve Sutton: 1,023

Labour, Deb Whenlock: 910

Green, Liz Spencer: 374

Liberal Democrat, Elliott Bermudez-Galton: 303

Liberal Democrat, David Walsh: 196

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Anne Galloway

Bolton Council - Heaton and Lostock
Executive Cabinet Member for Environment Regulatory Services

Latest election result: 2018

Conservative, Anne Galloway: 3,000

Labour, John Gillatt: 1,247

Liberal Democrat, Garry Veevers: 269

Andrew Morgan

Bolton Council - Heaton and Lostock
Executive Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

Latest election result: 2016

Conservative, Andrew Morgan: 2,680

Labour, Gerald Carter: 1,285

UKIP, Jonathan Baxendale: 402

Liberal Democrat, Rebekah Fairhurst: 263

Green, Laura Diggle: 136

Susan Baines

Bolton Council - Horwich and Blackrod
Executive Cabinet Member for Wellbeing

Latest election result: 2018

Conservative, Susan Baines: 1,668

Labour, Michael Jarvis: 1,437

Liberal Democrat, Rebecca Forrest: 231

Green, Keith Cocker: 169

Toby Hewitt

Bolton Council - Hulton
Executive Cabinet Member for Strategic Housing and Planning

Latest election result: 2018 (by-election)

Conservative, Toby Hewitt: 1,455

Labour, Rabiya Jiva: 1,179

UKIP, Beverley Fletcher: 190

Liberal Democrats, Derek Gradwell: 67

Green, James Tomkinson: 52

Diane Parkinson

Bolton Council - Hulton

Latest election result: 2018

Conservative, Diane Parkinson: 1,858

Labour, Rabiya Jiva: 1,451

UKIP, Beverley Fletcher: 215

Green, Chris Taylor: 107

Liberal Democrat, Kevin Mulligan: 68

Martyn Cox

Bolton Council - Westhoughton North and Chew Moor
Deputy Leader of Bolton Council

Latest election result: 2018

Conservative, Martyn Cox: 1,831

Liberal Democrat, Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon: 1,386

Labour, Ged Carter: 784

Independent, Jack Speight: 236

Green, Heather Rylance: 61