Green Belt Survey

Dear Residents,

Protecting our green belt is one of our top priorities, and we firmly believe that, if we need more houses, they should always be built on brownfield sites first.

However, this Labour-run Council has given the green light to thousands of houses to be built over our green spaces - including over 1,000 houses on the historic Hulton Estate.

Our local areas are already having more than their fair share of housing developments.  Our roads, schools, health services and public transport are already creaking under the strain of too many houses as it is – with thousands of more people in these new houses and extra cars on the road we just wouldn’t be able to cope.  

The Council seems to see our area as a Council Tax Cash Cow – whilst we see no investment for our money.

So that we can better represent you, we’d like to hear your views, just complete the 60-second survey below!

Green Belt Campaign Survey

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Which of the following statements is closest to your view:
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Do you think we need more houses in the local area?
Do you think house building has put pressure on any of the following?
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