2022 Our Plan Survey

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Which of these issues are most important to you and your family?
Please now select two from the above which are your main two concerns.
We have seen our Town Centre and district centres decline over a period of years and we, as the new administration, are working hard to regenerate these areas and attract investment. Do you think it is right to prioritise this?
The Conservative administration has provided an unprecedented record investment into road and pavement resurfacing of £12million, spread evenly across the borough so every area benefits. Do you support this policy?
Greater Manchester Combined Authority is providing money to local authorities to build up schemes to encourage cycling by creating cycle lanes on our roads. Do you support this initiative?
This administration is committed to tackling litter and fly tipping in our borough. We are introducing stronger enforcement with tougher fines and penalties. Do you support this?
It is said too often we live in unprecedented times, but to what extent do you agree with the statement 'Bolton Council has responded well to the pandemic?'
And thinking about national government, to what extent do you agree with the statement 'The Government has done all it can to minimise the risk of Covid and we should now focus on returning to normal and living with the virus?'